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Precious blood September 16, 2009

Filed under: medical — pandasmom @ 2:12 pm

Today we are waiting to test the remaining blood that was drawn in July.  There are so many tests that need to be performed on this blood but there are only 2 tubes.  The most important test are Pneumococcal Titers.  I feel like this was run before, but the ped says we haven’t tested this yet.  This is incredibly important because it might be able to tell us why A relapsed at almost exactly 30 days after her first IVIG.  We also wanted to send this blood to Oklahoma for research.  They are testing blood and can determine something specifically related to PANDAS if I can get the blood to them.  They are the only place in the country doing this. 

I’m having a hard time waiting to get all the people on the same page regarding the blood.  I’m wondering if I might call Children’s hospital today myself to see if I can make things go faster.


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