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No sleep September 21, 2009

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It is hard to write a positive post when you have had no sleep.  This is such a let down after the fabulous day we had yesterday.  Yesterday was a scene from a movie.  Our family acted and looked so normal and functional with 2 happy children and 2 happy parents.  It was an absolutely wonderful day.  There were so many smiles and so much laughter.  A even willingly took an adequate amount of quiet time and seemed rested enough to continue her day.

When bedtime came A let daddy put her to bed and he was able to leave without her being asleep.  All of these point to signs of health.  But then, at 1 am, A came into our room and we asked her to go potty.  She did and refused to go back to her own bed.  Then she was in our room and up until at least 5 am fidgeting, complaining and making demands for things.  At some point, John left to sleep in her bed so that someone could get some sleep.  At 4:30, I was so frustrated with her that I traded places with John so I don’t know what time she actually went back to sleep.  This all would have worked out ok, but then C woke up at 6:00.  Overall, it is most important for the girls to get their sleep.  But nights like these are so incredibly long and frustrating to me.

I will be spending the day drinking coffee and seeing if I can safely take a nap.  Otherwise, I will count the hours until bedtime for mommy.

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