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Against Medical Advice September 23, 2009

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James Patterson is my favorite author.  For that reason I think it is very odd that he has had a book out for over a year and I didn’t know it.  I think that shows how limited our lives have been for so long. I discovered that he had this book out on Sunday and was able to get the book yesterday.  I read the book in its entirety between 2 pm and 9 pm yesterday.  I’m a fast reader, but the contents were riveting.  The book is called “Against Medical Advice” and is a true story.  I know for sure that the trauma that Cory and his family lived through is the exact situation that we are in/have been in as well. 

The book was hard to read because it is our situation.  But it was also hard to read because it shows Cory growing up and all the troubles that he faces and that our child may face as well especially if we aren’t able to get this under control and keep it under control.  It is terrifying to me.  I feel the need to buy several more copies and give them to all of her doctors and therapists so they can have a true description of what our life is like and the areas we need help.

Cory, like A, was faced with debilitating anxiety.  The hard part is how to know which one to treat first because it seems to be a vicious circle.  The anxiety is so bad that it increases the OCD.  But the OCD also creates the anxiety. It is so strange though how these things become entirely manageable when the child is healthy.

We are 17 days past our second IVIG.  I am quite nervous to see what will happen 13 days from now.  I feel a bit more in charge though knowing that we have a strong possibility that things will return since A relapsed last time.


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