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Ped Visit September 25, 2009

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At 5:00 today our nurse called and asked us to come in tomorrow morning.  Our ped just spoke with the immunologist that we want to meet with.  The ped told our nurse that there was too much to convey to me over the phone and she wants to meet with me in person.  So we are going in tomorrow. 

This of course makes me both nervous and excited at the same time.  I’m hopeful that I will walk in and she will tell me that the immuno doc says everything we have done up till now is right on and has a plan of attack for us.  But I am nervous that the ped has laid out our story for the immuno doc and he will think we are nutcases.  I’m not too concerned about that because we will always have our ped to work with.  But I do feel we need an additional specialist to work with us on this.  Luckily our ped is personal friends with the immuno doc so she said she knew he would listen to her and take her seriously.  I am just anxious to see where this will go from here.

I also now have to take both girls with me to the ped’s office tomorrow.  That alone fills me with anxiety because I have to expose both of them to all of the germs in her office when we are currently doing well.  I am clearly forming my own set of OCD around germs.


One Response to “Ped Visit”

  1. mom Says:

    i just read your incredible blog!! i sure wonder what the immunologist thinks.xxoo

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