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Could it be so simple? September 28, 2009

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My understanding is that the antibodies we gave to A are supposed to last for 30-45 days.  So, having a setback at 20 days was mindboggling.  It seemed like such a thing would be impossible. 

I asked the pool of experts I know, other PANDAS parents, how this could have happened.  Of all the answers I got, it seems to come down to 2 things.  Somehow she was exposed to strep – likely at school or at the ped’s office.  The other part I learned is that we are not on enough antibiotics for a PANDAS child.  Whether this is what caused the return of the symptoms or not, it seems like A should be on a high dose of daily antibiotics rather than a high dose only twice per week. 

This does make sense to me and I wonder if it’s possible that this is why she relapsed last month.  I know that I will be giving her a daily dose until we see the ped again this Friday.


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