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Will A’s cold turn into a relapse? October 7, 2009

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A started sneezing last night.  She was exhausted after her day of preschool and then speech therapy.  By the time bedtime came, she was more than happy to go to sleep.  But after a couple hours she started crying out because she couldn’t breathe.  In most houses this is not cause for alarm.  But in our house, this set me on edge.  Realizing that she has any type of cold, no matter the severity, on day 31 past her IVIG raises my anxiety level. 

Is this enough to cause her to relapse?  Or will she be strong enough to fight it?  It is just a simple cold!  She woke up this morning and seemed quite pleasant.  She wanted to talk nicely to me.  I told her about the raccoons eating all of the food I put out for the neighbor’s cat last night.  She was very engaged in that and even laughed appropriately.  At first glance this morning, she appears well.  It’s just unfortunate that the timing of this cold shows up at day 31. 

I’m trying to get as much colostrum into both girls as possible.  But they are on to the taste and won’t drink it if they detect it.  The only way we can get a true dose in either of them is to give them ice cream.  I think I will need to get some sorbet or something because I can’t keep giving them full fat ice cream daily.  SO far today, I have gotten about a third of a scoop into each child.  I think they need 3 scoops 3 times a day!!  We have a lot of work to do!!!


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