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Not as prepared as I thought October 10, 2009

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It seems that all the hard work that the ped and both John and I have done over the last 6 months has just come together.  And I must have somehow known this was coming but still I am not ready for it.  Our ped was finally able to speak with Dr. L.  We’ve been trying to speak with her all summer.  Our ped explained our situation to her and told her that A continues to relapse as well as have blips when exposed to any type of germ.  Dr. L we can continue to put a bandaid over the wound or we can get as close to a cure as possible and do Plasmapheresis

While I have been thinking about this for months and agree with the thinking, this is such a huge thing!  I can’t believe we are going to do this to our sweet baby.  I’ve already called Dr. Latimer and left a message that we would like to proceed as soon as possible.  Our ped wants us to go to Georgetown this week.  I’m hoping that their office will be accommodating to us because we do have a sick child on our hands and need to move forward quickly in order to help her.


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