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Leaving C behind October 11, 2009

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For many reasons John and I made the decision that only A and I would travel for the Plasmapheresis.  That means that I will have to leave John and C behind.  I think in a way our whole family is a bit dysfunctional in that we only function well when we are all together.  Or at least in the same county.  This separation will be hard for all of us. 

This whole ordeal has been so hard on poor little C.  She was only 1 when it all started.  She has the most beautiful personality in the world.  She has always been very attached to me but since all of this started, her attachment level has increased greatly.  I know this trip is going to be very hard for her.  When she gets nervous she likes to just come lay in my lap and suck her thumb.  I feel very sad to have to leave her.  Each night when we snuggle before bed, I ask her “What was your favorite part of the day?” and she will answer by telling me “Dinner” or “Bathtub” or whatever the last thing we did before snuggling. But recently she will ask me even before I can ask her.  “Mommy, what you favorite part day”.  She melts my heart and is a nice way to end the day.  It is going to be very hard to leave her. 


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