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How to get home October 13, 2009

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This morning we woke up and I thought all was well.  I even thought that perhaps this exacerbation might be over.  A and I had a nice morning in the hotel of waking up and watching Elmo.  Since we are in a hotel we didn’t have any milk.  Milk is like A’s security blanket and if we don’t have access to it we can have horrible meltdowns.  I explained the situation to her and we did ok without it.  For that reason, I thought we might be out of the woods on this episode.

We got dressed, set out and walked to the elevators.  A got very upset that a certain elevator didn’t open to take us to the lobby but I overlooked this.  We walked across the street to Starbucks where they have milk and sat at our table.  All the sudden A got very mad and started flailing and kicking.  It took her a while to calm down.  When she finally came out of it she said she wanted to leave Starbucks and I thought she was going to tell me she was bored.  But she told me it was too loud for her. I was really surprised.  We go to Starbucks all the time and she has never said that before.  Of course I quickly got her out of there and we started walking down the street to find a place for breakfast.  As she was walking, she was avoiding all the red bricks and only walking on the grey ones.  Then she would stop and angrily point at all the chipped ones.  We made it about 3 blocks when she just crouched down in the street and started yelling.  I asked her if it was too loud for her and she said yes.  I said we could either keep walking on the noisy street and get breakfast or we could walk back to our hotel on the noisy street and not get breakfast.  She chose to walk back on the noisy street and not get breakfast.  She was literally unable to take another step down the street any further away from our hotel. 

We are now back in the hotel room and she is watching cartoon network.  This, by the way, is so not G rated.  This is completely inappropriate.  But I hope she is not absorbing it.  The TV is calming her.  She still has not had any of her milk which is astonishing. 

I’ve called Dr. L to see if we could get the prescription while we are still here.  Or if she has suggestions on how to get her on the plane.  If I summarized all of the symptoms of this morning into one word it would be agoraphobic.  That doesn’t bode well for our trip to to the airport.  Again, thank God for the direct flight.


One Response to “How to get home”

  1. Fran Melle Says:

    I love you very much and am praying daily for you and Aisling. I will be reading everyday now that mom gave me the address. I hope they can do the procedure. I am giving you a gigantic hug right now and I love you sooo much. I am so glad I read this. Again I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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