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Dora and Boots October 16, 2009

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The DC trip was the first trip without a stroller.  We clearly packed too much stuff to carry without the aid of the stroller.  There were times that A needed to ride in it and then there were times that the stuff was just too much and it was too hard to carry.  But, A and I formed a team and we pushed through.

A learned some new words on the trip.  She learned that she was a “real trooper” and that she was a “teammate”.  She very much enjoyed pulling our rolling suitcase and would take it from me every so often and it was extremely helpful to me.  We got in a pattern where she would take it when mommy got too tired and I would take it back when A got tired out.  And that is how our team came to be.  Here is a very blurry picture of our team:

photo   When we arrived back at home at our airport I told her “We did it!!!!” and we decided we had been on a Dora adventure.  She told me she was Dora and I was Boots.  Once we saw C we designated her as the map.


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