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The Dog’s Diet Plan October 18, 2009

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The amount of medicine we seem to dole out over here is amazing.  Most of it is homeopathic – vitamins, and minerals and such. A is only on one prescribed medication and it is an antibiotic.  But we also are giving C the same antibiotic to keep all infections out of our house.  We also try to sneak in the collostrum and the probiotics.  So we are dosing something all day long.

We have discovered that we also need to give antibiotics to both the cat and the dog just in case there is any way they are a carrier of strep.  I don’t think that they should be able to pass anything along to A but just in case they can we have to be sure they are free of strep.  Our regular vet thought we were nuts to even ask to have the dog swabbed so our ped helped us out.  Her vet not only took us but openly welcomed us and prescribed antibiotics for both animals with only a doctors’ visit. 

The first part of any vet visit is the weigh in.  I always worry that our pets are going to be fat and I know that the dog has not been the number one priority in our house.  When they told me his weight I was shocked. Our dog is enormous but has lost 8 pounds since the last time I had him weighed!  And he really isn’t getting a lot of walks.  It took me about a day to realize that he is on the same diet plan that I am: the not eating one.  I feel terrible. I think he has missed more meals than I thought. 

Hopefully his medication regime will help make sure he is getting fed properly.  In addition to all the dosing we have to do for the girls, we now added 2 doses per day for both the cat and the dog.  We have a LOT of syringes around here!!!


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