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The Family Truckster October 18, 2009

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There is currently a lot going on in our lives.  Both with A’s illness and without.  But yesterday it started pouring rain.  Like dumping, monsoon rains.  As I was getting pummeled with rain when hauling and depositing 2 wet and unhappy children into the car, I decided again that it was time for a van.  I had come to this conclusion this past summer, but when the rain was dumping on me and it was impossible to reason with A, it was clear that the time to have the van was NOW.  When this hit me, all I could do was laugh.  Does that mean that I am coming through to the side of acceptance of everything?  I laughed because I knew that we truly did need to buy a van and I also knew that there could be no worse time in life than to buy a van right now.  Neither John nor I have a spare brain cell for anything other than family matters right now.  So buying a new car is beyond ridiculous, but we did it.

I shouldn’t say we.  It was all John.  When it comes to big decisions I can make them very quickly and John is much more methodical.  I usually need to bring something up and then we will discuss it for a while.  Then a few months later we will take action on it.  But when I called John at work yesterday and told him that it was monsooning and the time for the van was now, he blew me away with his actions.  He got up this morning, cleaned out the small car, went to the dealership with C and didn’t come home until the van was purchased.  Both he and I know that having a mini van will in no way solve our problems, but when we are faced with one of our 900 challenges when we are out and about, at least we can do it in a car that is built for our lifestyle.  Thank you John for all your hard work today!!!

ETA: John was not quite as happy with this purchase as Clark Griswold was when he drove the station wagon off the lot in the movie.  but I predict that John will end up liking this car more than I will.


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