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Yoga October 18, 2009

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Even though today was a pretty bad day overall, A and I had a very special hour.  I’ve been thinking for the past month that a yoga class could be very helpful for A.  If I am able to get her to take some deep breaths when she is having a hard time then she is easier to calm down.  I have been having a hard time teaching her deep breathing on my own and thought she might learn better from a teacher.  I found a yoga studio that is very close to our house that does kid yoga.  Today, when A woke up and was so unable to function, I decided we should try a class. 

When A realized she got to use a yoga mat she was thrilled.  I use one at my stroller class, but A is always sitting in the stroller watching.  So when she saw that she got to use it on her own she was very excited.  When we went in she was very shy at first.  She wasn’t able to talk to the teacher or any of the other children.  I could tell she wanted to though, so I did the talking for her.  I think that because I just took over for her she was able to feel comfortable sooner.  I was very surprised that she introduced herself during circle time and didn’t need me to do it for her. 

The actual yoga part was a blast.  A was very serious about it and tried very hard to do each move perfectly.  The teacher did do one set of breathing exercises which A took to very quickly.  I asked her to try one tonight when I was putting her to bed and she did it correctly.  The class was a success from that standpoint alone.   The most fun was when we were both doing downward facing dog and we looked over at each other while we were upside down.  We both laughed and it was a real treat.  I signed her up for 10 classes and am excited to see what she can learn. 


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