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Pumpkin Patch October 21, 2009

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Let’s make a happy post.  Today was A’s first fieldtrip!!  It was so fun.  We went to the farm and got to pick pumpkins!  And it was so nice because siblings got to come with us.  I think this came at a great time because I was really questioning whether A would be able to go to school today or not.  So to be able to go to preschool with Mommy and C was a special treat for both girls. 

We walked through a field of giant pumpkins and then went through a tiny, preschooler maze.  Then we got to go and pet some animals.  This was very hard for me because Gammy has always told me that petting zoos are filthy and I was terrified of all the germs that A was being exposed to.  But I inwardly got over it and the girls got to pet a hen and a goat. 

I think the girls’ favorite part of the tour was digging for worms.  The farm had big piles of dirt that the children could dig through to look for worms.  Both girls loved this.  I knew A would, but I was surprised how much C liked it!  Here is a picture of them.

 worm bin

After all of this excitement everyone got to pick out a tiny pumpkin.  For our first fieldtrip, this was a success!!!


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