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The Swine flu has hit our household October 25, 2009

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On Friday morning I woke up with a sore throat.  No amount of advil would take the pain away.  By the afternoon, I had a terrible headache and a fever.  I looked up the symptoms of the Swine Flu and it seems that I have them all.  I am really hopeful that A doesn’t get this.  I am even more hopeful that she has already had it and is the one who gave it to me.  John says that she didn’t appear sick so she couldn’t have had it.  But I think that from the outside, I don’t look sick either.  If she had it first, it could explain why her behavior has been SO bad over the past few days. 

She had blood drawn last week and one of the tests showed that her immune system is inflamed.  Our ped said that this means she is sick in some way but we don’t know for sure what it is.  She was thinking it was strep or something like strep.  I am hopeful that it could have been the swine flu and we can be done with it at this point. 


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