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Returning to “Normal Life” November 10, 2009

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For having not left the house since our return, it seems like a lot of things have happened.  But, let’s focus on the positive.  A seemed very tired yesterday and when we told her we would be doing quiet time, she happily agreed and then promptly fell asleep for 2 hours.  Surprisingly, she was also tired again last night and willingly went to sleep.  Today, she was singing words to a tune on one of the toys.  Right now she is making a real picture with her paints.  Last week she methodically covered the entire paper in random colors which was a form of OCD.  Right now she is trying to make a picture with a sun and a caterpillar.

But there are still all the times where she is completely inflexible.  Completely unable to see things in any other way than hers.  And now that we are home, the rivalry with C is at an all time high.  A is very covetous of any items she received in the hospital.  Each time they had to place an IV or do something that made A overly nervous, they gave her something to divert her attention.  These items were anything from a stuffed animal to art supplies to things that would help her take deep breaths like wind mills or party blowers, etc.  A cannot tolerate it if C even looks at one of these items.  This is what has increased the sibling rivalry the most. 

These past days have been incredibly long.  We usually are on the go type of people.  But we have stayed home because A is not fit for public right now.  Also, we are trying to avoid germs so we haven’t gone out.  Each meltdown seems to elongate the day exponentially.


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