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IVIG Again November 19, 2009

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It looks like we are heading back to the hospital for more IVIG.  Things have continued to deteriorate further and we still have seen no benefit from the PEX.  I met with the ped today and she and I both agreed that we should try to do something to ease A’s agony.  I spoke with A’s preschool today and the teacher said that A has been a different person since returning from PEX.  She has been more withdrawn, less engaged with the other children and had a few difficult times.  The teacher said that A has gotten progressively worse since our return.  This is identical to what we are seeing at home. 

Currently our ped is speaking with the insurance company about trying to get a year’s coverage of monthly IVIG for A.  I hope we get to go in tomorrow first thing for this.  John and I are heartbroken to hear that the one place A was thriving has even become difficult for her.  I am just hopeful that IVIG will help her.  I have concerns since the PEX didn’t work as to whether the IVIG will work this time or not. 


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