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Changes post IVIG #3 November 23, 2009

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Post for journaling sake

  • some manners have returned
  • spoke to strangers when questioned
  • art skills continued to improve
  • i showed her how to make the number 4 and she immediately copied me
  • Both nights home there have been no night wakings and 10 hours of sleep
  • A is much more interested in moving around.  For the past several months she has chosen only sedentary activities.  Today she swam in the bath with her sister.
  • At times the chorea is diminished.  However, yesterday it was here in full force
  • There have been a few instances that would typically have caused meltdowns that have only resulted in a grimace or a grunt.  However, there have still been several blowups.
  • We have not seen her be able to play on her own yet.  If she is actually healthy, we can see this for a time.
  • With only a simple prompt, A shared her new playdough with her sister.  However, she will not let C some anywhere near her new, coveted kitty.  Any suggestion of letting C look at the new kitty sends A over the edge. 

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