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Hopeful Parents January 5, 2010

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When I found myself truly in the depths of despair this summer I realized that I needed to find some encouragement.  I knew that there had to be other people who were raising children with special needs and were doing it gracefully and optimistically.  I searched and searched and finally find a conglomerate of blogs called Hopeful Parents.  I have learned so much from being a part of this community.  I feel that this is where I discovered that our difficult situation is just a drop in the bucket full of many, many drops.  It has really brought me perspective and a lot of empathy for so many situations that I haven’t found myself a part of. 

The post I read yesterday at Hopeful Parents really resonated with me.  Heather’s entire post is fabulously written, but when I got to the part about life not being fair, I knew I was going to ask her if I could link to her post here. 

Heather Simms Schichtel is a free-lance writer, parent advocate and full time mom to her daughter Samantha. You can follow their story at or contact Heather directly at


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