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Quick update January 17, 2010

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We are home from IVIG and A is doing fabulous.  We did IV antibiotics and I think this was very helpful for her.  I took A into the ped’s office for her third and final dose of the IV antibiotic and to remove her IV.  While I was there I told the ped about C’s horrible diaper rash and asked her to refill a diaper cream for C.  She said she would happily do it but since it was a rash on her bum, we had better bring C in to ensure that is wasn’t strep.

Well, guess what?  It IS strep.  C is the carrier of the strep that A has the autoimmune reaction to.  C has had this horrible diaper rash her entire life.  We have never given it much thought because there hasn’t been much time in our lives to focus on a seemingly insignificant diaper rash. 

A strep carrier should easily be able to be treated with a very strong oral antibiotic.  The only problem is that C has a horrible gag reflex.  We have spent the last 72 hours trying to force various antibiotics down her throat while she continuously throws up.  Also, since A has such a violent reaction to strep, we have to keep the girls separated from each other.  Since C has not been able to take the antibiotic, we are likely going to either have to give her 10 days of IV antibiotics either here at home or in the hospital or insert a feeding tube through her nose 30 times to get it into her.  And while all this has been happening, A has clearly been exposed to the strep because she has shown signs of a minor relapse. 

Does this nightmare EVER end?!?!?!!??!!?


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