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Gummy Bears January 23, 2010

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We spent this last week working on medication.  Finding out that C was positive for strep was very exciting but quickly turned into one more very difficult chore.  We never realized how blessed we were that A would willingly take all of her medicines, no matter how terrible they tasted.  If she could have a tic tac or an M&M she would be fine.  C is not so easily swayed.

If C is the strep carrier, she needs to be taking Clindamyacin.  We tried to give her some and she just spit it out and started crying.  She looked at me as if to say “why would you do this to me?”.  We spent the next few days trying every which way to disguise the medicine and get it into her.  If we were successful in getting any amount into her, she then started throwing up.  It is imperative that she take the medicine, so I called our ped to update her.  She told me to bring C in and they would help.  They did indeed help, but then C threw up buckets of vomit all over the peds office.  It was not a pleasant experience.If C wasn’t going to be able to take the drug orally, she would have to move to a 10 day IV dose of it.  While we waited to see if we could do any other option, we tried to get her to take Augmentin.  We had the same response:vomit.  It has been a long week.

During this time, C and I were at the ped’s office each day checking to see if C still tested positive for strep.  While she was positive, we had to keep A and C separated so that A didn’t catch the strep.  A had only been out of the hospital for 20 hours when we realized that C had strep.

Fast forward to today…Since the adults in our house are able to swallow pills, we are having John take the Clyndamiacin as a precaution.  In the meantime, C has to clear this current infection of strep and HAS to take a full dose of Augmentin.  We had a compounding pharmacy custom make gummy bears for her with the drug in them.  We went over yesterday to pick them up.  At first, C said she wasn’t going to take them.  I told her we would go back to the ped’s office if she didn’t eat them and I think she remembered throwing up there.  Somehow she ate the gummy bears.  It was very sweet to watch A cheering her on.  It was also very touching to watch the entire pharmacy staff come out to look at their client.  They are going to do a write up of these gummy bears and try and make them more readily available for other children who are unable to take medicine like C.  It turned out to be a nice experience. 

However, that was only one dose of 6 gummy bears.  We need to do this 29 more times.  I’m a bit apprehensive…


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