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A bit off topic January 28, 2010

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This post doesn’t have a lot to do with PANDAS but I want to remember it so I’m choosing to write it here.  We have a gravely ill family member in our extended family.  John unexpectedly left earlier this week to be with this person and explained the situation to our girls as best as he could.  He gave them as little information as he could while still being very direct with them.  It’s been very interesting to watch them all week as they process this information.  A just turned 4 and C will be 3 in April so I really didn’t think they would grasp the severity of the news.

However, all this week, it has been popping into our conversations.  It’s obvious that the girls’ biggest fears are manifested in this situation.  A knows that this person was in the hospital and keeps saying that he must have a poke in his arm and leg (both are places that she has had an IV) as well as his finger (not a place she has had one; but she is terrified they will try to stick her near her knuckle and talks about it regularly).  C has overheard many conversations while John has been gone and is quite reserved while listening.  After one conversation I told her “Thank you very much for sharing your Daddy with this person.  He really needs daddy and it is nice of you to share”.  C said “You’re welcome.  This person is throwing up.  And I will share my trains too.  This person can have Percy and Thomas.”  C throws up a LOT!!  Apparently it really bothers her!  She also does not like to share her trains.  She will share almost anything with anyone but would really prefer not to share her trains.  It has been interesting to see that the girls clearly know that our beloved family member is having a very hard time and they compartmentalized it in a way that was meaningful to them.


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