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IVIG again March 11, 2010

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It has been a very long time since I have posted and now we are back in the hospital for this month’s IVIG.  We are just finishing up our second day and are looking forward to going home.  This hospital stay was a pretty positive experience, aside from A having to get 4 pokes.  That wasn’t too great. 

We did our usual walk through the hospital in A’s hospital gown.  I am not sure who derives more joy from this.  photoThose who are visiting loved ones in the hospital and see this innocent 4 year old with an IV in her hand and her bum hanging out in back or A, obliviously walking through the hospital, up and down the escalator looking at all her favorite things.   After having been in this hospital so much over the last year, A has several favorite items here and we are on the lookout for them each time we check in.


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