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No gag?? Not for us!! March 30, 2010

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Before we became a household afflicted with an autoimmune disorder, I thought that I understood what it meant to have an autoimmune disease.  More and more I am coming to realize the meaning behind “Ignorance is bliss”.  I don’t think one can really and truly grasp it until it afflicts you.  I know that I was definitely ignorant to autoimmune issues before we were forced to become intimately familiar with the workings of one.  And I now know that we are only familiar with ONE!!  Our house is only one step below having a fatal reaction to strep.  That is how bad strep affects us.  That might seem like an extreme word to use to describe A’s reaction to strep.  But anyone who has lived in our house or been around our family when A has been exposed to strep would know that her entire being completely falls apart.  As soon as she falls apart, our whole family falls apart as well.  We are completely unable to function when this happens.  Several basic family needs do not get met when A is exposed to strep. 

So, last week, when we thought we were able to FINALLY get the Cephalexin into C, we were elated!  We can’t cure all of the strep carriers in the world, but surely we can do our best to cure A’s sister: the strep carrier.  Getting the no-gag candy and then the actual antibiotic into C was quite the fiasco but we were able to do it 3 times.  After 3 times I was starting to feel like we might actually make it through 30 doses.  However, on the 4th dose, C absolutely would NOT open her mouth for the antibiotic.  Nothing was going to make her do it.  We tried everything.  We got her to open up to accept the drug but she wouldn’t swallow.  Sadly, we yelled at her and told her she had to swallow it.  She tried and then instantly threw up.  And kept throwing up.  And. kept.  throwing.  up…  After it was over C told us she must have thrown up because her belly was too full of food.  I completely freaked out and thought we were creating a bulimic in the making and John and I put a halt to the Cephalexin.  From what our ped and I know, the Cephalexin taken orally is the only way we can eradicate the strep from C’s body. 

So, knowing that C is a strep carrier and seems to get it at least monthly and that we can’t get her to take the medication to clear it constitutes a crisis in my book.  Watching C continuously thrown up was very difficult for A and caused a lot of problems for our household on Saturday.  It was not a good day overall. 

However, C will still take the gummi bears and A will take the Augmentin so right now we have an exacerbation at bay.  Things are not perfect here but today has been a good day overall.  I know that there is strep in C’s body and that is not good.  But I think things are under control for now.  We will see what tomorrow brings.  


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