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OMG Strep! I can’t take this!!!! April 22, 2010

Filed under: Bad days,medical — pandasmom @ 10:15 pm

A few weeks ago we switched C off of Augmentin and on to just basic penicillin.  Our ped did this because Pen should be enough to keep strep away and then we had a stronger drug to treat C if she were to truly get sick with something.

We did A’s IVIG a week ago.  John and I have ben very patient with her and we can tell she is working hard to stay in line.  However, this morning was very rough.  Both John and I said that we felt the treatment hadn’t worked.  Well, of course the treatment worked; there is just something else going on.  I called our ped to tell her and was thinking that A must have been around a strep carrier and that we would likely put A back on the Augmentin.  Our ped asked if I had checked C for strep.  It hadn’t even crossed my mind to check her since she is on an antibiotic and she looks absolutely fine.  I checked her and was completely blown away when the test showed that she was positive for strep!!!  No wonder A is having such a hard time and has been since she came home from the hospital!

But this is a real nightmare!!  We have tried every single drug option for C to try and get rid of this strep. Anything that has made it into her body has not cleared the strep from her system.  At this point, I’m even nervous that the drugs we have been unsuccessful in getting in to her would have an impact.

I am waiting for a call from the ped to tell us what to do next.  We will likely be admitting C to Children’s Hospital to work on this.  I am really sick of spending time in hospitals!!!!


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