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April/May update May 12, 2010

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We are back in the hospital again and I will summarize the highlights from this past month.

We had a pleasant initial 24 hours after returning home from the hospital.  From then on we noticed that A was having quite a few hard times as well as sensory issues.  We gave it 5 days before both John and I voiced our concerns aloud to each other.  I thought she must need a dose of Augmentin but wasn’t sure exactly why I thought that.  I called our ped to tell her that A hadn’t been doing well for 5 days and she immediately said we should check C for strep.  I was shocked.  But I tested C and sure enough, C had strep!!!  And C was even on an antibiotic!  I was flabbergasted and overwhelmed.  I felt like we were fighting an uphill battle that was impossible to win. 

We immediately put both girls back on Augmentin.  This means we have to have Augmentin gummi bears custom made for C so she doesn’t throw them up.  That is of course one more stop to make to pick up more medicine as well as an additional cost.  It seems like every pill or supplement that goes in our bodies costs $1/pill.  It is starting to get a bit crazy.  However, this plan worked.  I would sell everything in our house to finance the drugs and supplements.

Then we had a good week or so until the weather starting changing every day.  It seems that the change in pressure affects children like A.  This has been documented and I’ve discussed it with A’s ped.  However, there really isn’t anything you can do to counteract the weather.  Luckily, where we live, most parents say this extreme change in our children shows up mostly only in the spring and fall for about 2 weeks at a time.  We will just have to buck up and deal with it.

Next post…hospital visit


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