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Accomplished day! October 31, 2012

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Today was an early release day for both girls.  For some reason, we didn’t have any therapies and all of our sports are over.  I feel so productive today.  Each day I beat myself up that I can’t get the house in order and can never get anywhere close to caught up on where I’m supposed to be regarding all of my household responsibilities.

We had a playdate for both girls and they all played quite nicely together.  I was able to keep an eye on everyone and get caught up on the laundry.  What an amazing feeling.  I started thinking that the hours in the car each week for all the therapies may actually be having an impact on why I can never get anything done.  Like actually finalized and crossed off the list.

Right now my sweet girls are watching a show.  But already today they have had a fabulous playdate (which is an accomplishment because many times playdates don’t go so well), done several chores, completed their homework and are just sitting happily together.  There will even be time for a bath tonight!!

This post makes me feel like a mom blogger.  One who has children that behave, have sparkling houses and fit in exercise.  Tomorrow will be another day, but today sure feels great!!!! This is not to say that A is in tip top shape.  More for me to realize how much peace it brings to have things in order at home.  If only I could find an Alice from the Brady Bunch to come in each day and just catch us up on what needs to be done while I am at therapies!!!


Rough Day October 21, 2012

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After quite a while of pretty good days, today was very rough. I am so hopeful it is that A got overtired. I can only hope that it is something as simple as that. She has had to stay up late for 3 days in a row and then have jam packed days as well. Today resulted in a meltdown that pretty much the entire school was privvy to. The first one since she started there last year. She is in bed now so that I can think about what to do to help her.

There are very few things I can do to help her while she is asleep. One of them is homeopathy. However, I wasn’t sure that it was necessary for that. Instead, I am doing a liver detox on her while she sleeps. I’ve never tried that before but am hoping it will have good results for her.


It’s true that time does heal October 18, 2012

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Or at least allow you to change your perspective. Things were very dark for so long. But learning that this is the new normal and truly, truly embracing it have really turned things around. It does seem that so many adages are true. Take care of yourself first – maybe not first – but somewhat.

Persistence has really paid off for our family. We are still one of the more difficult cases at the ped – meaning that we have never been solved/fixed. But not letting up and constantly trying new things have been huge for our family.


Still here October 16, 2012

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Yikes, I didn’t realize that anyone still read this blog!  Our family is still here and sre still dealing with PANDAS.  Things have improved significantly since my last posts but I haven’t really recorded it.  I’m happy to chronicle our path if it can help someone.


We haven’t been in the hospital for almost 2 years which is an absolute miracle.  However, we do continue to treat regularly.