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Prayer November 10, 2012

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Yesterday was another rough day.  A had several outbursts at a birthday party and I saw her talk so meanly to her best friend that it took my breath away.  I called John to come and get her because I was still trying to keep some normalcy for C.

After we worked through the crisis of the day, John and I were really beaten down.  Our church has 24 hour adoration and John suggested that I go.  It was very nice to sit in a quiet room and talk to God.  Except I sometimes feel like I don’t know what to say.  The problems in my life seem enormous and never ending.  Yet are they worse that problems that other people face?  There are several books there that I look through when I go to adoration.  I was looking up prayers on anger, despair and difficult situations.  I took a photo of one of the prayers because I thought the ending was so good.

Here is the prayer:

Prayer to Suffer in Silence

Lord Jesus Christ
Grant me the grace to be kind and gentle in all events of my life.  Let me put self aside and think of the happiness of others.  Teach me to hide my little pains and disappointments so that I may be the only one who suffers from them.  Let me learn from the suffering that I must endure.  May I so use it to become mellow rather than embittered, patient rather than irritable and forgiving rather than overbearing. 



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