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Another fever…another difficult day November 20, 2012

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Yikes, yesterday was a rough day.  It started out great but the end was just horrific.  We have a houseguest and I was sure the guest was a strep carrier.  Even though the guest has been here for 3 days and we haven’t had any problems.  But nothing made sense.  It had to be the houseguest.  I was so upset I went to bed at 7:30 and at 3:00 am in comes C with a fever!  This is really her first fever too!  Now the reason for A having such a hard time made sense.  Poor C is very sick.   She has a headache along with her fever.  Headaches are new for me in children.  Actually, taking care of sick children in general is new for me!

We did everything under the sun for A last night.  A huge apple cider vinegar bath, Epsom salt bath, lavender oil and sea salt.  I even put one pellet from the homeopathic remedy in the bath.  We did keep the girls apart all day today and so far today we are having a 90% day.  A is still argumentative in places that she isn’t always argumentative.  But there is peace in the house.


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