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From bad to good November 22, 2012

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Yesterday morning started out very rough.  A was in such a state!  She already had biofeedback scheduled for that day, but I also got her in to the Chiropractor and her behavior therapist.  I think all were helpful.  BUt we had a different behavior therapist yesterday and she could see how defeated I was.  She helped us make a plan where A gets absolutely zero downtime that is not scheduled.  Free time has to be earned.



I really like it when we work with this other therapist because I feel like she has such concrete ideas for us.  I also feel like we have a pretty regimented schedule around here, but on vacation, J and I also like to just relax and not be “on” all the time.  The therapist’s ideas were very good ones but they also made me feel like such an idiot as a parent.  Everyone knows that kids need to be occupied or they will get into trouble.  Today went very well.  I REALLY hope tomorrow will follow the same suit.


Now, if my stress level could just match the level of chaos in the house we would be all set.  But I am on such high alert that I can not calm my body or mind down!!!!!


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