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Homeopathy! March 31, 2015

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I know this blog has been on standstill for quite some time.  I really didn’t want to just moan and complain that we never get better, so I took a break from writing.  Things have definitely changed for us over the years but only because A’s age and maturity level have changed.  Things are still as hard as ever but we now have a very weary family.

I am now studying to be a fully certified homeopath.  Because A doesn’t seem to get better and stay better I felt the need to take matters into my own hands.  I really wanted to become a naturopath, but that is a 5 year full time process.  Homeopathy is what has helped A the most so I decided to go to school for that.  I am learning so much and I do feel quite a bit more hope that I can help her.

The families at our pediatrician’s office all have a common symptom set about them.  Of course they are all unique, but we seem to have a lot of consistencies.  For that reason, I am able to practice a narrow field of homeopathy under our pediatrician.

For anyone new to this blog, we have been dealing with this for 6 1/2 years.  Our official diagnosis is PANDAS and congenital Lyme as well as Bartonella.  I do feel quite hopeful that by making A my main patient that we may get some results.  I’m also learning from the families that I have treated.  Again, since they symptom set overlaps so much, their problems are my problems too and I have a very vested interest in alleviating or clearing their symptoms.

Some of the symptoms we have been working to solve are irritability, anger, OCD, no sleep, anxiety, skin problems, gut problems or more.

At this point I do feel qualified to help our PANDAS, Lyme etc children even if you aren’t local.  I also feel that we need to take care of the main caregiver at least as much if not more than the child.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  And watch for more regular postings as well.


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