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From bad to good November 22, 2012

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Yesterday morning started out very rough.  A was in such a state!  She already had biofeedback scheduled for that day, but I also got her in to the Chiropractor and her behavior therapist.  I think all were helpful.  BUt we had a different behavior therapist yesterday and she could see how defeated I was.  She helped us make a plan where A gets absolutely zero downtime that is not scheduled.  Free time has to be earned.



I really like it when we work with this other therapist because I feel like she has such concrete ideas for us.  I also feel like we have a pretty regimented schedule around here, but on vacation, J and I also like to just relax and not be “on” all the time.  The therapist’s ideas were very good ones but they also made me feel like such an idiot as a parent.  Everyone knows that kids need to be occupied or they will get into trouble.  Today went very well.  I REALLY hope tomorrow will follow the same suit.


Now, if my stress level could just match the level of chaos in the house we would be all set.  But I am on such high alert that I can not calm my body or mind down!!!!!


The Liver November 12, 2012

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Each week I think I learn something new.  The last 3 weeks have been pretty rough.  But lately I have been drawn to liver function. Other than the basics, I don’t really understand much about the liver.  A has a fantastic diet and I wouldn’t think her liver would need to be doing too much work that is out of the ordinary.  However, I have been able to correlate liver function with her behaviors.  When things get bad, I giver her a liver protocol and the results become evident within 24 hours.

This weekend we gave A Benadryl each night, magnesium, Milk Thistle, B Complex, Chlorella and Curcumin.  We went from having the exorcist child living with us on Thursday to an absolutely lovely day yesterday which was Sunday.  Also, both she and her sister are on at least a 10 day protocol of Augmentin.  But we may decide to keep them on the Augmentin for the rest of the school year.