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Fever!!!! November 15, 2012

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I’m so hopeful that I am on to something here!  I’ve spoken with 3 specialists this week who all agree with me that A’s liver is a problem.  2 could feel her liver and one built a treatment plan around a liver that isn’t working that well.  A few years ago I would have thought that all of these people were nuts, but not anymore.  1 treated the liver, 1 told me to use the methods I have to treat the liver, and the 3rd told me that the liver is associated with anger.  I’ve been doing all the liver treatments I have for about the past week and guess what happened???  A got a fever!!!


I am beyond excited about this.  A hasn’t had a fever since she was an infant.  And actually I’m not sure if she has ever truly had a fever.  I hear all these parents with children who have fevers of 104 and that is definitely not what is happening in our house.  If you are reading this and wondering why I am excited about a fever, I will explain what I know.  From what I have been told your body needs to be working properly to produce a fever.  A fever is there to kill a germ in your body.  If you have a weakened immune system you will not produce a fever.  A had a fever last night and threw up.  Throw up is not exciting but a fever is.  She still has the fever today.  It is low grade – 100 or less.  But she is usually below 98.6.

If I want to spend time worrying I would notice that C has never actually had a fever either.  But I am not going to dwell on that.  Today we had the most lovely day.  A stayed home and C had afternoon kindergarten.  We played and watched shows.  Then A and I had special time.  We have never had that because the girls are so close in age.  A may have had a fever but she wasn’t sick.  We had a great afternoon crafting.

I know that some kids who are like A will spike a fever of 105 and that doesn’t;’t mean they are healthy.  I hope that this little spike in temp has to do with a better functioning liver.  I also wish I could explain this better to people who aren’t in our situation.  Because like I said, 3 years ago this would have been nutso to me, but not anymore.